About Aetherius Bali

Come and enjoy the experience and unwind from the pressures of everyday life and recharge your mind, body and soul on a health, wellness and fitness holiday with a difference. Bali the Island of the Gods, is a unique experience, with escapes running through the dry months from April through to September in a beautiful location along the East Coast of Bali where the lush tropical coast line meets the beautiful volcanic ash beaches in a climate that averages 31 degrees. On your week of fun filled adventure we will also be experiencing a journey of gratefulness together. While Bali is a beautiful and spiritual place to visit, it also allows us to reflect on the true meaning of Gratitude. You will have the opportunity to participate in workshops based on the science behind Gratitude and how it impacts on the body just as stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits do. We will look at the benefits of practicing gratitude.

People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they're thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems.

Workshop Topics


What does gratitude mean?


Why is gratitude important?


How to express Gratitude?


Practicing Gratitude

You will also meet new friends and enjoy a week filled with group training, fitness activities, spa treatments, workshops to benefit the mind, cultural immersion, detoxifying meals, and connecting with local communities. Whether you are looking for a physiological fitness reset, wanting to spark your spirit for adventure or trying to focus on taking your fitness to a new level, this retreat is for you. Your stay is fully customised to ensure that you achieve all the benefits you are wanting to enjoy, making your stay truly memorable.

You choose how much or how little you wish to do to enjoy your fitness retreat at your own pace. Open to all levels of fitness, you will be motivated and supported each step of the way by a highly experienced & professional retreat team.

Each day you will be greeted with variety and lots of fun. You will have the opportunity to experience a variety of fitness classes such as HIIT, Boxing, Pilates, Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga, & so much more! Workouts are set in the lush tropical gardens, in the gym or down on the beach. Such an inspiring way to work out, especially with the sunrise or sunset sessions!