Workshops Overview

Gratitude doesn’t come easy for most of us. We don’t wake up every morning feeling like a million dollars and endlessly grateful for the good things in life. The fact is we’re built for survival, not happiness, and therefore, gratitude takes considerable effort. As we embark on your 7day journey through Bali, we will focus not just on external wellness & fitness, we will explore and experience the health benefits of practicing gratitude. Within our workshops we will focus on activities and daily exercises to assist you in reaching the full health benefits including mind shifting exercises and inspiration to help you undo the layers of negativity within your mind (the ego – we all have it!) to return to your original state; a place of genuine happiness. Together we will assist you in practicing gratitude daily.

Day 1 – What does Gratitude truly mean and how can we practice (journal writing)?

There is no wrong way to do this. Journal writing is a great way to reflect on things in your life that you are grateful for. During this work shop we will learn how to take time out from your day where you will get the chance to immerse yourself in your own gratitude journal.

Day 2 – Mindset – View challenges as opportunities

How do we take a negative thought and replace it with something positive? During this work shop we will discover how your mindset can open you up to opportunities. Remembering what you think will correspond with how you feel, and how you feel will often dictate what you do.

Day 3 - Expressing Gratitude

During this workshop we will look at ways to express gratitude within our daily activities. You may already be doing this and not even realise it. Together we will look at many ways of showing gratitude is to tell or show other people you appreciate them. This not only makes you feel happy but also makes the other person happy, too, thus strengthening relationships.

Day 4 - Purpose

Finally, we will look at purpose and how being grateful can make a difference within yourself. One of the core elements of feeling really good about your yourself is feeling a sense of purpose and pride in who you are.

*Workshops run for 60 minutes