Travel Tips to enjoy your Aetherius Bali Retreat 2020

Booked your tickets to our next Bali Retreat? Use this sample packing list to get ideas for what you should bring to Indonesia's most popular island and what you should wait to buy after arriving. No one packing list is perfect for everyone, so tailor your own list to match specific travel plans and needs. You won't need much for your Aetherius Retreat Bali experience, and if you forget something, you'll most likely find it available for purchase locally anyway -- Bali is hardly a deserted island! Instead, pack like a pro; bring less and take advantage of unique shopping experiences on the island.

Travel Documents

• Passport

• Airline Tickets

• Travel Insurance Documents

• Accommodation Booking Information/Receipts

• Credit Card, Debit Card or other form of accessing money

• Drivers Licence (for photo ID)

• Photocopies of all your travel documents

• Emergency phone numbers

• Indonesian Rupiah


• Money belt or secure bag

• Luggage locks

• Zip ties

• Back pack for carry on

• Small carry on suit case